What We Grow

tomato-3At Live Oak Farms, we’re best known for our fresh tomatoes. Our customer base stretches from California to the East Coast and across Canada. There’s a reason that even in the middle of summer, when local deals predominate, that Live Oak’s tomatoes are found throughout the East – consistent quality. Live Oak’s commitment to excellence is found in each step of our production in the field and how we handle tomatoes in the packinghouse.

That same commitment is found in Live Oak bell peppers. Start with a thick walled green bell from Central California that’s shed packed. After washing, our peppers are sized using 3-D Advance Vision camera technology. The end result is a more uniform, tightly-sized green, red, or yellow bell. And, we’ve the technology to pack to order, whether Euro display boxes, RPCs, or private labeling.

Our Jalapeno peppers are the result of extensive evaluations where flavor and appearance were considered over all other attributes.  Live Oak Jalapeno’s are a premium pepper for supermarkets that seek the best for their customers.


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