783-TomatoesOnVine-2Live Oak’s tomato history reaches back nearly 90 years. Our commitment to consistent quality is well known throughout the industry. Our product line includes mature green and pink round tomatoes and roma tomatoes. For customers in the West, our two-layer hand packed tomatoes are premium graded and are ideal for California-grown retail programs.


Excellence in Tomatoes:

  • Always packed under exacting GFSI food safety standards.
  • Mature green and pink (vine ripe) tomatoes
  • Hand packed Vine Ripe tomatoes are sorted for color and size using camera technology.
  • Roma tomatoes are sorted for color and size using camera technology.


Our Brands

carton-liveoak-finalLive Oak (US #1) carton-grandtoo-final“Grand Too!” (US #2) carton-remos-finalRemo’s (US #3)

Our Product Line

Mature Green Tomatoesmaturegreentomatogroup2-final

Live Oak (US #1) XXL, XL, L, Med
“Grand Too!” (US #2) XXL, XL, L, Med
Remo  (US#3) XXL, XL, L



Vine Ripe Tomatoesvineripetomatogroup1-final

Live Oak (25lb bulk) XXL, XL, L, Med
Live Oak (Two layer) 4X5, 5X5, 5X6
Remo 2-3 combo (25lb)  All Sizes




Roma Tomatoesromatomatogroup1-final

Live Oak (US #1) Jumbo, XL, LG, Med, Small
“Grand Too!” (US #2) “Based on Availability”



While the quality of fresh tomatoes begins in the field, to maintain tomato quality throughout, the supply chain requires that wholesalers, retailers, and food service operators do their part.  For our customers, we suggest that you reference the recommendations of the University of California

Tomato Ripening Stages

Here at Live Oak Farms, we show our customers the tomato ripening stages,
allowing them to choose their tomatoes at the stage that is best for their location and needs.

live-oak-farms-ripening-stage-1Green/Stage 1
“Green” means that the surface of the tomato is completely green in color. The shade of green may vary from light to dark.
live-oak-farms-ripening-stage-2Breakers/Stage 2
“Breakers” means there is a definite “break” in color from green to tannish- yellow, pink or red on not more than 10% of the surface.


live-oak-farms-ripening-stage-3Turning/Stage 3
“Turning” means that more than 10%, but not more than 30%, of the surface, in the aggregate, shows a definite change in color from green to tannish-yellow, pink, red, or a combination thereof.
live-oak-farms-ripening-stage-4Pink/Stage 4
“Pink” means that more than 30%, but not more than 60%, of the surface, in the aggregate, shows pink or red in color.

live-oak-farms-ripening-stage-5Light Red/Stage 5
“Light red” means that more than 60% of the surface, in the aggregate, shows pinkish-red or red, provided that not more than 90% of the surface is red.

stage-6Red/Stage 6
“Red” means that more than 90% of the surface, in the aggregate, is red.

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