Sustainable Farming

 “As I walk some of the same farms that my family has for years before, I am very much aware of our responsibility to maintain these fields in as good, if not better condition for the next generation. Live Oak Farms through the years has always shown a commitment to our farms, tomatoes and peppers, and our community, and we do now more than 85 years after our family first farmed in Merced County.”
Bob Giampaoli – 3rd generation. CEO

Live Oak Farms grows nearly 3,000 acres, in multiple locations, mostly in Merced County in the San Joaquin Valley and in Santa Clara County on the Central California Coast.  With a number of smaller farms spread out throughout Central California, we’re able to take advantage of micro-climates and soil types that enable a long-growing season, from June to November. We rotate cover crops, including alfalfa and oats, with tomatoes and peppers to maintain soil health, to reduce the threat of pests and disease, and to grow the best quality ripened by the warm California sun.  And, our commitment to sustainable farming isn’t limited to the field – we’re invested in our employees and our local community to ensure that our work environment is one that’s based upon a respect for the employee, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence in all that we do.

In 2016, we expanded our commitment to solar energy with a new 2,040 panel solar system to offset the power needed for irrigation usage.  Our first system installed in 2011 supplies 84% of the power required by our tomato packing operations.  The two systems generate solar power in excess of 1.35 kilowatt hours each year.

The sustainability gains of the two systems are equal to annually eliminating two million pounds of carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere; removing 200 cars from the road; or reducing 340 tons of waste sent to landfills.

Farming is a Year Round Process

While it takes only about ninety days from the time a tomato or pepper is planted to the first harvest, planning begins many months earlier.  There’s preparation of the land that can begin years earlier, as cover crops help build the health of the soil.

All of Live Oak’s tomatoes and peppers are produced using drip irrigation, allowing optimum plant health with the right balance of nutrition.  And, because water is applied only to the plant, we don’t need to rely on herbicides to control weeds, and we’re aggressively conserving water.

Throughout the three month growing process, our tomatoes and peppers are monitored to ensure they’re nutritionally balanced and that pests are being controlled by beneficial insects.  If pests or disease threaten the crop, we turn to the University of California’s Integrated Pest Management Programs for fresh tomatoes and peppers, which minimizes pesticide use.

For a more detailed look at how we grow, visit Live Oak In the Fieldat the packinghouse and our Food Safety Program.

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