Sustainable Farming at the Packinghouse

Live Oak Farms’ commitment to sustainable farming doesn’t end in the field. Innovation and conservation play an important role in our packing operations.

Powered by the Sun

In 2011, we launched our 272 kilowatt solar system that generates 84% of the energy needed to operate our tomato operations. Our solar installation offsets more than 15 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) and generates an estimated 370,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy annually.Live-Oak-Farms-Solar-on-Packinghouse-Roof-800

Eliminating Food Waste

Live Oak Farms produces quality fresh tomatoes and peppers for many of the most demanding supermarket and restaurant chains in North America, but we’ve also developed alternative markets for perfectly good vegetables that might not otherwise be in demand due to their imperfect appearance. We’re committed to finding new uses for these imperfect tomatoes and peppers. Live Oak peppers that don’t meet the appearance requirements of supermarkets may very well top your frozen pizza. And, imperfect tomatoes are an important food sources for cattle. Local ranchers turn to Live Oak for “not so perfect” tomatoes as livestock feed. Having alternative markets allows Live Oak to minimize any food waste.

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