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Sustainable Farming in the Field

Live Oak Farms’ commitment to sustainable farming isn’t new. It’s something we’ve done for decades. And, we’ve taken a leadership role in the development of programs that conserve water, improve soil health, and reduce pesticide use.

Conserving Water

100% of our tomatoes and peppers are irrigated using drip irrigation. We’ve reduced water use by an average of 50% from what’s found in traditional furrow irrigation farms.  Using sensors and visual inspection, we’re able to provide our plants with only the water they need. There’s no runoff and virtually no waste. And, there’s another big benefit from drip irrigation, we’re able to “spoon feed” our plants with just the right amount of fertilizer and directly to the roots of the plant.

Managing Healthy Soils

For a family farm, the life of the farm begins with healthy soil.  Live Oak’s use of cover crops enriches the soil.  So while we may be farming 1500 acres of tomatoes and peppers, we’re also growing several hundred acres of cover crops that will naturally add nutrients back into the soil for future vegetable crops.  And after we harvest alfalfa, corn, oats, or wheat, we then prepare the field for tomatoes or peppers using what’s called “low and no-till” farming, cutting dust and potentially greenhouse gas emissions.  Low-till also improves soil functions, such as increased carbon storage.  And, studies by the University of California indicate that low-till farming also improves the water use efficiency of tomato production.


Integrated Pest Management on the Farm

Decades ago, Live Oak Farms teamed with leading researchers from the University of California to develop Integrated Pest Management strategies for tomatoes and peppers. The idea back then was simple – to control damaging pests without eliminating the beneficial insects and minimize the use of the most toxic pesticides.  Today, IPM is the foundation for how we control pests and disease. IPM starts with the use of plants best suited to California’s growing environment, then our growers and their assistants monitoring the crop for signs of pest infestation or disease.

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